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We offer the finest products, services, and education and make it accessible for everyone.

Our focus is to equip women with the knowledge and tools neccessary to elevate their skillset as well as their mindset.

Beyond Beauty Universtity is our all inclusive beauty academy that offers in depth training, tools and insight to turn your makeup hobby into a career or ministy!


Beyond Beauty Makeup is an animal Cruelty free Company that offers premium quality with all natural cosmetics. 


All of our products have 100% vegan ingredients and are great for all skin sensitivities. We carry diverse color options for every age, and complexion range. 


 Luxury Light Highlighters can be used in a multitude of ways and the Luxury Lip products hydrate and nourish the skin.

The Beyond Beauty Outreach program provides makeovers, supplies and education for women in prison release programs , recovering from domestic violence, and emancipated foster youth. We equip and empower these individuals with skills and knowledge to not only take proper care of themselves but to use makeup artistry as a career to advance themselves in life. 


 Beyond Beauty is a Brand  with a message, reminding you that beauty goes beyond skin deep!

ISAIAH 51:19

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